What are the reason behind a battered woman syndrome

Include these questions:

-What are the reason behind a battered woman syndrome? (Maybe as a main question?)

-What are common characteristics of battered woman syndrome?
-How Islam protect a battered woman syndrome?
-In UAE does a battered woman get protected by law?
-How does law in different countries defend a battered woman?



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If they are not good points you can change them but i do not want it to be only in US.. UAE and other countries.

First Draft is due on April 13th:

The draft should:
1.    contain a minimum of 2,000 words and have the word count noted at the end
2.    include your name in the top left-hand corner
3.    be in a 12pt font and with double- spaced lines
4.    state the research question(s) at the start
5.    comprise the body of your paper and should not contain (as part of the word count):
    an introduction
    a conclusion
6.    contain clear major sections with descriptive headings
The draft should:
1.    answer the research question(s)
2.    explain important terms clearly
3.    have clearly distinguishable main sections
4.    have logically ordered main sections
5.    be a synthesis of a minimum of six different printed sources written by recognized experts
6.    summarize and critique sources
7.    distinguish clearly between your views and those of your sources
8.    indicate all quotations using quotation marks
9.    indicate the source of all quotations and paraphrases in some kind of bracketed citation, e.g.:
According to Jones, œno-one even suspected terrorism at the time the Hindenburg exploded in 1937 (2004, p. 234).
Einstein wrote the paper which explained General Theory of Relativity in 1923 (Smith 1997, p.4).
10.    have a reference list
NB. I will not grade you at this stage on the correctness of your APA formatting but I need to see what sources you are using and there needs to be some form of citation bracket to distinguish clearly between your own ideas and those of your sources.



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Final Draft is due on May 11th:

Research Paper Assignment: Requirements

1.    The paper must contain a minimum of 2,500 words.
2.    The paper must address a research question.
3.    The question must be explicitly stated in the introduction.
4.    The answer to the question must be discussed in the course of the paper and summarized in the conclusion.
5.    The answer to the question must be debatable.
6.    The introduction to the paper must preview the organization of the body of the paper.
7.    The introduction to the paper must give an overview of the kind of evidence which is used to answer the research question.
8.    The paper must cite a minimum of six different printed sources written by recognized experts.
9.    The sources must be cited using the APA system of referencing.
10.    The paper must be formatted in the APA style.
11.    The paper must contain descriptive headings.

8. Expertise is typically recognized by employment in institutions such as universities, governments, and NGOs. Journalists, newspaper opinion columnist, student essayists, authors of ‘how to’ books or sites, campaigners, lobbyists, advertisers, etc. are not typically experts themselves but cite experts.
7. œWhat are the motives of the main terrorist groups operating in Pakistan?, œWhat made Hannibal a great military leader?, and œDoes cultural cannibalism exist? are examples of debatable questions. œAre horses mammals?, œIsn’t it wrong to spend money on cosmetic surgery?, and  œWhy are boys so dumb at school? are examples of questions which are not debatable.

Please do not plagiarize and use sources that can be printed.

These are my sources if you can access to them:














I have uploaded an example of other student’s research paper you can have a look at it and a file about introduction and conclusion.



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