What are the main obstacles for the AU in bringing peace and security to Somalia

a) Introduction “ 1 page
b) Literature review “ 2 page
c) Research design “ 3 pages

1) Introduction :- This needs to be clear and concise with your central and relatively narrow focus brought upfront, ideally putting the basic elements of your research questions into the first paragraph or even the first sentence. The introduction contains the question, and its relevance.
2) Literature review: What we expect you to use literature from the other two modules whenever relevant in helping you to understand two things: a) what research has already been conducted that is relevant to your research question; and b) how it has been conducted. That is, how did scholars go out into the world and produce this knowledge.
3) Research design:- Here, you must refer back to the literature review and conduct your own plan of how to go out and conduct research that helps answer your research question. You need to be able to argue the relevance of your research design, both in terms of the research question, and be reflexive on how it produces valid and coherent knowledge. In particular, state and justify your data collection method.



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NB: yo are not expected to conduct the research here, but write it as if you would so that it is convincing research design.

1) Make sure you referencing fits with the format as outlined in the expanded syllabus. This will affect your grade, since it relates to the overall professionalism of the text.

2) Remember that the assignment is a research design and not an actual essay. Read through the guidance in the syllabus, as well as the examples of previous assignments, if you’re not sure.

3) In professional writing, avoid colloquial abbrevations like ˜you’re’, ˜don’t’, ˜couldn’t’, and so on. These are for more conversational forms of writing, like this email.

4) This is an IR assignment, meaning that you need to frame your topic in terms of its relevance to IR (International Relations).



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