web strategy for a business

Paper instructions:

2. Work on your introduction “Write an introduction so that if a stranger found your paper lying in the street they could read the introduction and know exactly what the paper is about. End with something like, œThis paper will do this and that.

3.  You use subheadings to organize your paper; this makes it easier for you to write and easier for your audience to read. However, do not use assignment directions as headings “ make them short, to the point.

See p.62 of APA manual. Also, check out this brief description of how to effectively use subheadings: http://www.sophia.org/headings-subheadings-tutorial

4.  that you must support your work “ every source in your references must be used and cited in your paper. Read chapter 6 of the APA manual.

5. Ensure that your final draft has very clearly stated SUGGESTIONS “ what should this company do to make use of the web? Make your recommendations very clear, like in bullets or a table in both your paper and powerpoint. You did a pretty good job mentioning recommendations of some sort, but ensure your suggestions are written clearly, that they are in a bulleted list, almost like a checklist, that the company could act upon them (for example, œAdd a page to your website that does this or œAdd XX functionality), and write them in parallel language. Also, I say put them in bullets because I want you to write them so that even a person who just skims your paper or powerpoint can clearly see all your recommendations. Finally, SUPPORT YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. If you say, for example, that the company should use Groupon to generate new business provide a source that shows that Groupon has been effective in this way. Support your thoughts “ this isn’t just off the top of your head.

6.  Ensure you cover ethics thoroughly, with citations.
She thought it was a preliminary draft not the final project.  I can resend the directions if needed.  The rubric has every part of the paper as basic except for the future strategy part.  I received a D on this paper, but have been given a chance to resubmit by Wednesday.