We Is Got Him, by Carrie Hagen NonFiction. Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

We Is Got Him by Carrie Hagen & history textbook: U.S. A Narrative History volume two by James West Davidson. (McGrawHill)
2nd or
3rd edition is fine. ISBN # 9780077420772.
The First ransomed kidnapping in US History. MLA format, double spaced, 12 point Times
New Roman font. 3 pages long. Include the two works in a works cited page. The book choice & your textbook. SECTION 1 should
summarize main points of book. SECTION 2 should answer these following questions, A. What time period is the book set in? B. What
historical figures/events/cultural movement does the book describe? C. What chapter & pages of your textbook does this coincide with? D.
Does your book agree with your textbook? If not, please elaborate on what ways the two books diverge. Is it in a small detail or in a larger
conclusion? If it does agree, please give three examples of points the two books agree upon. SECTION 3, answer these questions: Who do
you believe the intended audience for your book is? Would you recommend this book to next semester’s students who want to know more
about about your book’s subject matter? Why or why not? Head paper in top left corner: H. Renee’ Wolfe. US History 109 Tue/Thur 1:50305.
March 16, 2016