Ward’s derivative of Mc Farlan’s portfolio Analysis Framework

Analysis tool for exploring competitive advantage (Ward’s derivative of Mc Farlan’s portfolio Analysis Framework).

ASSlGNMENT- analysistools for exploring competitive advantage


Ward’s derivativ e of McFarlan’s Application

Portfolio Analysis Framework

(note Ward adapted McFarlan’s framework to modernize the terminology)

you are provided (I have uploaded)

with a list of articles discussing this analysis tool.

NOTE CAREFULLY: you are not required to find other articles for this assignment.

This assignment must be completed using onlythe articles provided. You are NOTto use other materials.

For this assignment answer the

following three questions:

1. Why was this model (Ward’s derivative of McFarlan’s Application Portfolio Analysis Framework) developed?

For this question you are required to explain howthe business environmentwas changing atthe time of development ofthe model/framework
and why these changes led the creators ofthe model (McFarlan and Ward) to identify the need forthe model. This question requires that you
understand and explain what situations or events influenced them to develop a new model.

Note: this question does NOT require you to

describe the model. Forthis question you will not receive marks for merely describing the model orframework.

2. What isthe model? To

answer this question you will need to describe the model and explain its purpose.

3. How does one use the model? Forthis question you

are required to provide instructions on how an enterprise can use your model. For example, assume I, as an enterprise owner have just heard
about the model and wantto use it but do not know what to do or howto do it. Tell me what to do and howto do it.

Reference your paper

correctly. lnclude an accurate reference list. The reference page is additional to the two-page summary.