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Write an essay that responds to just one of the following questions:

1-Assess the impact on British society of the First World War.
Think about:
-The extension of democracy (you could compare before and after the War and consider the role of the War in hastening demands).
-The economic impact.
-State intervention in all aspects of life (ie industry, rationing, pub opening hours etc)
-The psychological impact.

2-To what extent were women in Britain ‘emancipated’ by the First World War?
Think about:
-Employment opportunities.
-Personal freedom and social status
-Political enfranchisement
-How profound were these changes? Were these changes temporary or permanent?

3-To what extent did the Second World War have a ‘levelling’ effect on the income, standard of living and lifestyles of the middle and working classes?
Think about:
-Which aspects of class differentials converged and which remained stubbornly in place (and provide examples).
-Weigh up your findings to draw an evaluative conclusion.

4-To what extent were women ‘liberated’ by the experience of the Second World War?
Think about:
-Which aspects of women’s lives and opportunities were altered by the War?
-Were these changes permanent or temporary?
-Which aspects of tightly-conscribed gender roles remained firmly in place?

5-What was the political impact, especially in terms of people’s hopes and expectations, of the Second World War?
Think about:
-Where did the desire to build a better post-war society come from?
-What caused the political ‘swing’ to the left and how did this manifest itself?
-Think about the Beveridge Report and the 1945 General Election.

Include an introduction that identifies the key issues and debates to be covered in your essay, and a conclusion that refers back to the question and attempts to arrive at an answer. Utilize the Harvard system of referencing. Avoid citing websites (such as Wikipedia etc) in academic work though note that electronic versions of published articles (such as those on BBC History) are perfectly acceptable!




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