Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The semester research project requires each student to read a number of articles and books on a topic germane to American history in the period 1607-1877. Your first assignment will be to submit a simple bibliography, and is designed to begin the process. Follow the instructions below:
Find 3 books on your chosen topic, using catalogs available via O’Malley Library. All books must be published by academic presses, or written by a recognized scholar “ the types of books one finds in an academic library such as O’Malley.
Submit a bibliography listing these books.
Put œBibliography for Research Paper and your name in the header.
In the body of the submission, list each book, alphabetically by author’s last name.
For each book, provide bibliographic information in the following format:


Author last name, author first name. Title in italics. Place where published: publisher, year published.

Cave, Alfred. The Pequot War. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 1996.

For books being accessed electronically, provide all of the above information. Then, and at the end, note that you are using an electronic edition (œe-book, œKindle edition etc.) or the website or database from which you accessed the book (œaccessed via ebrary or œaccessed at www.gutenburg-e.org) along with the date you accessed the book.

Your bibliography is due February 11.
Bring copies of your bibliography to class (one to submit to the instructor)
Be prepared to discuss your choices. You are not expected to have read each book. You are expected to have read introduction and/or prefaces to each one, and skimmed through them enough to elaborate on each book’s subject and approach to the topic.