U.S. corporation

Executive Summary

Paper instructions:


You were hired by a large U.S. corporation to create a strategic report on establishing a business operation abroad. You have the specific task of giving an overview of the cultural, political, and macroeconomic environment in the target country and region, and estimating the costs and political risks of doing business there. Based on the above considerations, you are required to make a clear-cut, yes-or-no executive recommendation on whether to establish a business operation and give reasons for your decision.


Your report should be composed as a short executive summary in which you argue for or against establishing a business operation in the target country.

Describe the form that you think that operation should take (joint-venture, direct foreign investment, etc.), and provide a short analysis of the risks and benefits. There is no right or wrong answer; it is up to you to defend your decision.


Your executive summary should not exceed one (1) page (excluding references, tables and graphs).


You will be evaluated on your creativity and your ability to use online resources in order to describe and substantiate a strategic decision.

This assignment is worth 100 points. It is academic in nature and should strive to meet the following criteria:

Strategic Thinking Identifies and defines the œbig-picture strategy and goal, particularly when the goal is to introduce a change of significance. Identifies the current paradigm and describes the paradigm shift required for the change. Uses systems thinking to identify the relationship of relevant parts to the whole to solve a particular problem.

Synthesis Applies and/or synthesizes course content, required readings, independent research, and original thought into project as appropriate.

Credibility Soundly supports opinions, assertions, and conclusions are well supported with relevant(cited) factual information. Objectively dispels misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and erroneous conclusions. Anticipates and is able to withstand reasonable intellectual challenges.

Treatment Approach, voice, vocabulary, terminology, level of detail, and formality of the project are engaging, effective, and appropriate for the defined audience.

Clarity and Concision Project composition is structured logically, focused, well organized, and flows well. Conveys ideas clearly and concisely.