Torts and Tort Damages

Torts and Tort Damages

Read Discussion Question 2 on page 154 (6th edition) about the Stella Liebeck v McDonald?s case. Using the Internet or other sources, research the actual facts.



Using your research and the elements of negligence on page 158, explain how you would have voted if you?d served on the jury. Incorporate 3 different key terms or phrases from this week’s

text readings (in all CAPS).
Comment on the compensatory and punitive damages and whether the result was reasonable.
Make a list of your research sources and save as a document (last name.sources). Then upload your sources document to the Week 2 Dropbox by 11:59 pm FRIDAY. If you fail to post sources in

the dropbox, points will be deducted from your discussion grade. Do not post sources in your discussion.

I have students provide their sources as one way to help insure that everyone does his/her own research. I do recommend, however, that if you use the Internet for your research, you should, at

a minimum, compare information from at least 3 Internet sources. Also note, that the best discussion postings are usually from those students who have read information from multiple sources,

apply the legal concepts in their own writing style (not just reiterating the article you read).

Discussion Question 2 ? Business Torts

Read Question 4 on page 154 (6th Edition) Pacific Express airline. Explain your ruling given the facts and concepts discussed in this week’s readings.

Discussion Question 3 ? 4th Amendment

The Miami Beach police department is sick and tired of the college and high school students coming to town for Spring break and bringing drugs and alcohol with them. So, they?ve devised a

plan, Operation Intercept, to stop the flow of drugs.



First, the Police Chief orders random check points on all the highways leading into town. Each check point will have a drug dog that will go around the outside of the vehicle and alert the handler

if there is a ?hit.?

Second, to help stop the flow of drugs entering the city via the waterways and ports, the Chief has ordered a GPS tracking device installed on several speed boats that he believes are used for

drug trafficking. He instructs the officers to install the GPS the week before spring break and to remove it the week after spring break.

As expected, Operation Intercept is successful. The Department makes a number of arrests based upon both the traffic stops and the GPS tracking.

Based only on the readings for this week (no outside research), discuss whether drug dogs at the traffic stops and the GPS tracking are constitutional under the 4th Amendment.

Make sure where sources are needed that their are in text citations and make sure all sources are from creditble internet websites. Here is the isbn number of the book and a link to the pdf file

for the book.