Topic: œLet�s Take the Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell

Order Description

1) Read the book. Take notes. Pay careful attention to what you admire about the writing style, as well as what you don�t admire about it. Write down examples

and page numbers or mark passages with post-it notes.
2) Write a brief (1000-1500 words, or approximately 4-6 double-spaced pages) paper that addresses the following:
(3-4 pages):
� Identify two (no more, no fewer) craft techniques we have discussed in class (things like
characterization, structure/organization of ideas, dialogue, detail/specificity, scene construction,
etc.) that you notice the writer has utilized in the text.
� Discuss the effectiveness of the craft techniques you have identified. Point to two places (no more,
no fewer) in the text where you see each these craft issues working/not working (i.e., two specific passages/pages for each of the craft techniques). Talk about

how they work/don�t work. What effect do they have on you as a reader? How does it influence your reading of the text (the way you enjoy it [or don�t], the way

you understand it [or don�t], etc.)?
(1-2 pages):
� What do you think you can learn from this text about the art of writing creative nonfiction? What
does the writer do that you would like to do in your own work? What does the writer do that you
want to avoid in your own work?
� How does this text fit your own aesthetic preferences? In other words, do you think this is �good�
writing? Is this the kind of thing that you typically like to read, or that you typically like to write? Why or why not?
4) Turn in a .doc or .docx file of your paper to the drop box on Blackboard labeled �Book Response Paper� BEFORE class on Monday, October 13.
5) Come to class that day prepared to spend approximately five minutes talking about your book.