Of the theories described in the module,
which do you think presents the highest levels of satisfaction for group members and which do you think presents the lowest level of satisfaction. Explain your response for both.

What is Kaizen as a management concept? Of the theories presented, which do you think would make the use of Kaizen? .Describe at least 3 reasons Kaizen would work well within that managerial style?

Briefly describe Expectancy Theory, Leadership Continuum Theory and Needs Based Theory. Then explain one way each theory is similar to the others and one way each theory is different from the others.

What are at least 2 needs a manager must know exist in groups with whom they work, if the manager is utilizing the Needs Based Motivational Model, and why are those needs important in that model?

What is Delegated Freedom, and what are the expectations of a leader who is operating under the Levels of Delegated Freedom model as described by Tannenbaum and Schmidt? Describe an example of delegated freedom in a group situation.