Theoretical application

a. history of the theory B. basic assumptions C. Examples of what intervention might look like D.. overrall impresion of the theory ESpecific application of the theory.. Theoretical Application Paper “ Assessment of an intervention theory (no more than 5 pages). You are required to outline an intervention theory’s history (which includes key figures), basic assumptions, and examples of how the theory is applied. Understanding of major theories builds the basis for development of your own practice style that will be applied to your direct practice. You will use the theory based on the class assignment for that week.( psychoanalysis, Attachment, relational, and self-psychology theory. Please use the following (required) outline in writing your intervention assessment. You will note that the first three points are theoretical, and the last two are more subjective.

a. History of the theory: How was the theory initially formulated and who were the major proponents?

b. Basic assumptions: This would include the implicit and explicit assumptions about individuals, systems and/or families. What are the central tenets, assertions, hypotheses, statements and/or points regarding the theory? What are the theory’s underlying assumptions about human nature, epistemology, and the role of the relationship between the worker and client system in effecting change?

c. Examples of what interventions might look like: What would the actual interventions look like, the techniques suggested or required by the theory and how many sessions might be involved to meet the goals of therapy. This section should describe 1) an initial assessment, 2) a session mid-way during the course of treatment and 3) a termination session.

d. Overall impression of the theory: Does it make intuitive sense? Could you see yourself using this type of intervention? What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of this theory? What types of clients would benefit from this type of intervention? Are their cases where this would not be an appropriate intervention?

e. Specific application of the theory: Go to the Expert Theory Case Analysis site associated with the Corsini & Wedding text and select one of the three case examples listed there. Address specifically how you would use the theory you have selected to intervene with the case you have chosen, and provide a rationale for your choice.