the themes, symbols, character development, and/or historical significance of the film District 9.

The essay should include a thesis statement and relevant support for the argument

Paper instructions:

Write down scenes, set pieces, or dialogue that you think contributes to the main idea. You can even take into account how the story is told. Is the plot linear (meaning does it move seamlessly from start to finish)? Or does it jump around in time (think Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol.1 or Nolan’s Memento)? How does the plot structure add to the theme? Think about these as you view the film and write them down.

Before you begin writing, you’ll need to craft a thesis statement. It should encompass that one idea you Thesis Statement:

For example:

Neil Blomkamp’s film District 9 explores the theme of race relations through the use of xenophobia, propaganda, and segregation.

Or here’s another example:

The film District 9 accurately depicts South Africa’s history of Apartheid using science fiction elements.

these thesis statements SHOULD NOT show up word for word in the papers, but they are here to serve as a formatting tool. Your thesis statement should include your chosen idea and (if applicable) specific examples that you plan to discuss within the paper.

Writing the Paper:

Once you’ve created the thesis statement, you’ll only need to flesh out the ideas. Use the following format when crafting your essay.

Introduction “ Your thesis should come at the end of this paragraph

Summary of the Movie “ In a short paragraph, give a synopsis of the movie. Tell us what it was about.

Analysis of the movie “ This is to be the bulk of your essay. Discuss your thesis statement here.

Conclusion “ Wrap everything up in nice neat little bow

In addition, there should be no 1st or 2nd person language in this essay.