The Shire theme of The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbits Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

write a research paper on the music of Shire theme that to find more about Shire theme, such as how Shire theme been made out and How Shire relates the entire Lord of Ring movie and the Hobbit movies. (DO NOT DESCRIBE THE MOVIE STORY, FOCUS ON THE MUSIC OF SHIRE THEME)
I. Central Idea – developed through your paper.
II. Strong Content – both synthesis and original development of ideas regarding the structure and function of the music in the film that you are analyzing.
III. Organization – logical and clear.
IV. Evidence – credible and relevant evidence to support your perspective and central idea.
V. Syntax/Mechanics – effective use of language and sentence structure to express ideas.
VI. Sources – where there is some consultation of sources (interviews, reviews, scholarly studies, etc.), make sure that they are properly referenced and credited. (When borrowing ideas from sources, be sure to give credit to them; any direct quotes must contain quotation marks.)