The importance of a stores management operations plan

Topic: The importance of a stores management operations plan

Weighting: 40%
Word limit: 1500 words
Assessment method: Analytical Essay

Stores Management and Operations Procedures (SMOP) are required for the efficient management and operations of the stores department of a business.
? Discuss factors that need to be considered in the design and management of good Stores Management and Operations procedures (SMOP)
? Discuss the range of interactions which might occur between areas of the procurement cycle for good stores management and operations
? Discuss the importance of SMOP in the context of the smooth and efficient running of the food service operation

Its an analytical essay and the essay need to provide sound theoretical research to support the discussion. Intoduction -> give statement to engage the reader.
The first point ->factors such as suppliers (different supplier have different requirement and products), size of organisation, markets/expectations, transport, store

space, location
The second point -> such as classify procedure to staff at beginning-> avoid miscommunication. Procurement cycle is on the first or second lecture i will upload

additional files to understand the subject.

Needs around 9-11 references and needs in text references.