the impact of the Euro crisis on Australian business

Against a backdrop of ongoing Euro zone volatility, companies are continuing to review their exposures in Europe, including the nature and extent of their Euro-related contracts, and are asking what measures they can put in place to protect their assets and limit cash flow threats. This uncertainty has affected business confidence in different ways in nations across the world.

Please read the following extracts and papers in the context of the task outlined below:

O’Brien Browne: A Different Take on the Euro Zone Debt Crisis: Blame It on the Sun

CRESC | Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change

Greek default crisis is all about cultural differences in the eurozone | The Australian

Eurozone crisis implications on US companies: PwC


You are a consultant tasked with a submission developing a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the Euro crisis on Australian business to assist them with their strategy in the Euro zone. Your report should encompass all risks and provide advice on their impact to local and international business in Australia. In particular you are required to critique, analyze and assess the following four issues:

i. Global impact of Euro crisis on businesses and industries

ii. Country specific economic, political, legal, cultural, social and cultural impact

iii. Possible implications and contingency planning for Australian business

iv. Role of culture in the EURO crisis