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Please note that I have submit my dissertation proposal but the instructor required a complete revision. I have attached the feedback and the proposal as well. In addition please follow my instruction for the proposal as mentioned below:
The text of this proposal should be between 2,500-3,500 words in length, excluding the front page and the Reference List.
The proposal should include the below major points.
1.Aim, objectives and feasibility of the dissertation:
In this section, explain your topic area. Include appropriate background information and an explanation of why this topic is of interest to you (and why it should be of interest to others). What is motivating your research? What is the potential benefit to your firm or industry? What actions may result from the valuable insights gained? What is the academic angle of your research? How does it tie in with your management studies from your modules? What underlying academic theories and constructs are of particular relevance to your research?
Next, clearly state the aim of your research. This should be a general but concise statement indicating the purpose of the study. Then, consider what you intend to achieve through your dissertation (i.e. present your research questions). Follow this with the research objectives. What specific objectives (analyse, investigate, explain, etc.) do you intend to meet during the course of the research to achieve the aim of the study?
Finally, include a brief discussion of the feasibility of your study. Do you have the necessary resources (such as access to requisite data, consent of your organization, some indication of the willingness of subjects to be questioned or interviewed, etc.)?
2.Literature review
In this section, you will discuss how your work fits with the existing published work. Find at least 10 sources of academic information (references) connected to the work you propose to do and analyze them to show how your research may fill or extend an existing gap. Compare and contrast the sources with each other and with your approach. Remember that you must paraphrase the articles in your own words (appropriately referenced, of course) and synthesize their potential contribution to your research; they should not be presented as a ‘list’ of articles. At least half of the sources must be from refereed academic journal. List your references in a bibliography at the end of your Proposal, using the Harvard referencing system. . 3.Research methodology and methods
consider the research methods that you will use to collect both the secondary and primary data. Will you undertake a pilot study? What about your questionnaire design and sample? You must be able to justify your choice in terms of your learning objectives, your research question and your research approach. Consider the epistemological approach that you intend to take—is it positivist, relativist or constructionist? Your epistemological approach will inform the research design you choose (action research, survey, case study, etc.
4. The reference list
The reference list should:
a) Include only sources you have cited above; and
b) Comply fully with our Harvard referencing requirements.
Please you have to mentioned as well the milestone of the dissertation following the below proposal:
Milestone Description
Stage 1: Area of interest identified
Stage 2: Specific topic selected
Stage 3: Topic refined to develop dissertation proposal
Stage 4: Proposal written and submitted
Stage 5: Collection of data and information
Stage 6: Analysis and interpretation of collected data/information
Stage 7: Writing up
Stage 8: Final draft prepared— submission of dissertation
Final Deadline—9 months from classroom date