You are the chief public safety officer for a major urban center that is considered to be a ˜high-probability target’ for terrorist attack. You have been asked to develop a $100 million budget proposal to deal with all aspects of counter-terrorism within the city. Half of the $100 million is to be allotted to your operating expense budget for the fiscal year. The other half is to be allocated to capital acquisitions (i.e.-equipment). Without itemizing the costs of specific budget lines or capital purchases (you don’t have sufficient information to do that), describe how you would allocate your funds to operations and preparedness in each of the four major phases of emergency management mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery? Your purview as chief public safety officer includes: police; fire & rescue; public health & safety; and governmental & administrative recovery. After outlining your budget (you may do so either in dollars, or simply by percentage allocations), explain both your operating budget and your capital budget, and their rationales, in essay form.