teaching and learning sequence

Choose ONE unit overview in Science from years 4-6 ). Based on this unit overview you need to do the following (you can edit directly into the document):

1. Elaborate on the teaching and learning sequence as if you were implementing it in the classroom (10%)

2. Identify the literacy and numeracy demands of this teaching sequence (10%)

3. Identify at least FIVE resources for your unit topic (e.g. texts, multimodal resources “ film, books, magazines, newspaper articles, webpages, webquests,) (5%)

4. Identify the literacy/numeracy demands of TWO of these resources. For the other three provide a brief annotation of their usefulness, and what content they address. (5%)

5. Develop two lessons “ One lesson should focus on explicitly teaching for literacy capability within your curriculum area (e.g. science), and one lesson should focus on explicitly teaching for numeracy capabilities in the curriculum area. (20% e.g. 10% per lesson). Your lessons may incorporate one of the resources you have located for this unit topic.

6. Develop one assessment task as per the Assessment section of the unit overview and specify the literacy/numeracy demands that students will need to demonstrate and for which you would be assessing them. (10%)

7. YOU MUST FILL IN ALL INFORMATION, IN THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED!!!(just delete the blue comments, as they are there as a guideline to help you and keep you on track)

You can cut and paste a little bit of info from the provided overview, but you will need to make adjustments.

You must identify atleast 1 topic from the numeracy continuum, it can be more than one, and in the literacy continuum you will have to do them all.

Basically you have to incorporate literacy and numeracy, whilst teaching science.

1 lesson plan has to be numeracy and one has to be literacy.

For example, numeracy could be report writing??????????

It has to follow the Australian curriculum, and you have to use/ follow the content descriptors. As they are also assessing if we understand and are able to use and understand the Australian curriculum.