Strategic Planning:performance management

Strategic Planning:performance management

Journal article analysis

Tapinos, E., Dyson, R. G., & Meadows, M. (2005) ˜The impact of performance measurement in strategic planning’, International Journal of Productivity and 
Performance Management, 54 (5), pp. 370-384.


1. The number of words more than 600 (the more the better)

2. Bullet points and highlighted viewpoints that I can work on (it is better to list page numbers that relate to the points)

3. Conclusion or summary

4. Real world examples if possible (or even a short one is fine)

5. Academic reference or journal article citation with list

6. Not too many citations from the original article

Question (all questions should be based on the article):

1. Evaluate the finding that performance management is one of the key success factors in 
strategic planning.

2. What effect do you think the size of the organization and the rate of change have on the effectiveness of performance measurement?

3. Support your argument with evidence from the study and other real examples where possible.


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