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Now that you have learned a little about the impact of social class on criminal behavior. Choose ONE from the following activities to pair with the theories presented in the social structure discussion of Chapter 6

1) Open the Game of Life link (see Segment 2 block) and read the instructions. Download the activity handout and complete the game. Be sure to read the Social Process Chapter before attempting to complete the DB. Post your responses to the reflection questions at the end of the Game of Life Activity.

2) Human trafficking is a crime largely against women and children. Watch this informative video on a campaign to help end this trafficking. You can also view a short video clip about sex tourism in Cambodia: Feel free to do more research on child sex trafficking (share links with us for extra points). How does social structure theory explain the role of social class in sex trafficking? How does one’s social class make them more vulnerable to victimizations of violence? In the case of the child sex slaves, how does the concentration effect exacerbate sexual exploitation? Which one of Merton’s social adaptations can you apply to the sex traffickers? Which applies to the sex slaves?


3) This is really for those who are Star Wars fans since background on character development is needed.

· Watch the following clip.
· What type of murder did Anakin commit in “killing” his wife?

· In some cases, one can build an argument that Anakin is a terrorist. How can you justify this statement using the types/forms of terrorists described in Chapter 10 (you’ll have to jump ahead in the reading)?

· Apply Agnew’s General Strain theory by identifying and discussing what the three sources of strain are for Anakin (what prevents him from his individual dream? what was the positively values stimuli that was removed? what negative exposure did he experience?), what are his negative affective states, and finally what was his antisocial or criminal behavior that resulted from all of this strain?

· Social process theories (Ch 7) state that Anakin would have learned to become deviant and stray from the Jedi ways. Who do you think played a pivotal in his socialization towards the darkside? Apply differential association theory and describe the ways in which Anakin learned to internalize the norms, values, behaviors of deviance.

· In what ways did Anakin justify or rationalize his deviance? For instance, what techniques of neutralization did he use when after he choked his wife or speaks about taking over the empire?


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