Social Change Civil Rights

Social Change “ Civil Rights

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According to Harper and Leicht, why is the Civil Rights Movement often
regarded as the œcenterpiece of status-equality revolt movements? Describe how other status equality revolt movements benefitted from the CRM.

Make sure to support your thesis by integrating at least 3 key concepts.

Basic guidelines are as follows:

● 1 pg, single-spaced essay (roughly 500-550 words);
● APA format with headers;
● Clear introduction (THESIS in bold), supporting paragraph(s), & conclusion;
● Avoid long quotes & USE YOUR OWN WORDS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Don’t forget to cite if you are borrowing words from the authors; and
● No cover sheet and separate page for citations. Everything should fit in 1 page.

Consult powerpoint lectures

Read the following book especially chapters 8,10 and 11

Harper, Charles L. and Kevin T. Leicht. 2011. Exploring Social Change: America and the World, 6th edition. Prentice-Hall.



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