Sculpture works

Project description

Each answer must be at least 250 words in length. Answers should be submitted in a single document, but they should be numbered separately. (The assignment is not a single essay, but four distinct answers.)

Provide brief essay answers for each of the topics given below:

1. Select a work of sculpture. Perform a thorough descriptive criticism of that artwork. Include every aspect that you believe is important to understanding the work.
2. Using the same work you used in #1, perform an interpretive criticism of the work. Explain what you think it means and why you think so. Be sure to provide specific evidence and reasons to back up your interpretation.
3. Continuing to use the same work you’ve used in the first two tasks, perform an evaluative criticism of the work. Explain what you think is good or bad about the work and why you think so. And provide an overall assessment of the work’s quality.
4. Finally, compare and contrast the sculpture you’ve discussed so far to another sculpture about the same subject matter. Point out the similarities and differences that you believe are relevant. Which do you think does a superior job of presenting that subject, and why?

Writer should use new times roman font, font size 12.
provide a link to the sculpture/artwork that are discuss in answers.