Scientific Investigation Introduction

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Click on the link above to print the introduction to science and the scientific method (BIOL 2406 Scientific Investigation Introduction.) Refer to this document when completing your lab assignment.

Read through the description of the scientific method. This is a separate link from the one above.

w4a1 Experiment Design.
Look around your neighborhood and think of a question you could scientifically examine.this can be ANYTHING, for example, you could ask œwhat kind of grass will grow best in my yard? , or œthe laundry will get cleanest with what detergent?¦see, it can really be anything¦¦Use your question to design an experiment to demonstrate the steps of the scientific method. You may create (make up) experimental results. Write a scientific paper to demonstrate the steps of using the scientific method. Submit it by clicking on the assignment button, then select your saved file from your computer to attach then submit. (Do not forget your name on the paper itself).