scholary Journal on behavior and high school drop out rates

Read a published JOURNAL article on your proposal topic. Select an article that you found during your bibliography assignment. This should be a research (not theory, literature review or practice-oriented) article from a peer-reviewed, academic journal, not from a newspaper or magazine. If you have a question about the acceptability of an article contact the instructor. In this assignment you should: Describe what questions the author(s) had when they started the research. What were they wondering about? Describe any theories, hypotheses or specific research questions the author(s) tested (or explored or examined) in their research. Describe the research (what method was used, where was it carried out, what the sample size was, etc). Summarize the results of the research. Discuss the limitations of the research. Give your evaluation of the research and the article. Do you have any criticisms of how the research was carried out? Was there information missing from the article that you though should have been included? Do you agree with their interpretation of the results? What further research needs to be done on this topic? Describe how this article relates to your research proposal topic. Are the hypotheses or theories ones you might want to incorporate? Would you like to use a similar research method? Why or why not? This is a general outline of the assignment. How much emphasis is given to each question will depend on your judgement. Other issues not explicitly stated here may also be relevant for your article. It is up to you to decide this, although you are welcome to consult with your instructor when you have a selected and read a specific article. Make sure to proof read before handing in the assignment. The assignment should be in essay form including an introduction, topic sentences and so on.