S-curve, technology life-cycle, diffusion of innovations.

1) Choose a technology and discuss it in terms of at least one of the following: S-curve, technology life-cycle, diffusion of innovations. It does not have to be œhigh tech. Egyptian war chariots were technology (I just watched a documentary on them.)  You probably will create some graph’s, figures. Be sure to discuss what they show. A picture may be worth a 1,000 words but you need more than 1,000 words to do well on this.

2) Choose a company that is considered innovative and discuss how its organizational structure or its organizational culture contribute to it being so. You can do both but one is all that is required. Be sure to briefly show that the organization is innovative. Remember that your goal is not to write about organizational structure/culture in general terms but how your organization’s structure/culture supports innovation. OK to discuss organizational structure/culture types that are thought to support innovation and then show how your organization fits one of these (don’t expect a perfect fit).