Rory Wilson: Beginnings and Endings

The play kicks off with tension, where House and Cuddy have for a long time been avoiding each other, on realization that Cuddy had a secret relationship with Lucas. Even worse is the birthday party invitation that House offers Cuddy, which Lucas is far much against. Soon, the tension dies away when Lucas is ready to come to those terms. It is evident from Cuddy’s attendance of the party that she still has strong feelings for House (Can’t Fight This Feeling 1-20).

From the end of the play, it is clear that romantic love does not happen as anticipated, and as people in the social domain think. For Lucas regrettably says he has hurt the most precious person in Cuddy’s life, and as such he does not deserve her. Similarly, Cuddy cannot avoid House. She tries as much as possible to grab his attention. At this stage also, the unexpected happens. For Wilson positions himself in front of House, shooting himself (Can’t Fight This Feeling 1-20).

In between, Rory begins to be melancholic. She reminisces the past negative experience she had gone through, which were a lesson to her. In the midst of the play, Lucas gets hold of Cuddy’s child and threatens to hurt her. But it is apparent that it is House that Lucas wants to harm but he cannot find another way of going about it. It is why he settles on the child. But Rory, being an intelligent detective, cools down House’s temper and dissuades him from seeking vengeance. The midway of the play is the beginning of climax, because major events are unfolding (Can’t Fight This Feeling 1-20).

Staging the beginning and ending makes it be classified as a romantic play. This is because staging makes it more lively and full of dialogues. Also, there are some pronouns which the author uses to refer to himself in the play. The use of ˜I’ in many instances depicts that there are some experiences which the author went through that he is trying to indirectly express through the play (Can’t Fight This Feeling 1-20).  Finally, the overriding theme of the play is conflict. This is because Lucas and House are at war. Besides, Wilson shoots himself.

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