Research Paper, Finance and Accounting

Acounting information System(AIS) research for Certified Management Accountant(CMA)

Project description
Below is an abbreviated version of the project instructions provided by Dr. Bressler.

Students will compare, contrast, and give their opinions on which Accounting certifications would benefit UHD graduates in the many different Accounting careers possible in the Houston area. This narrative/paper should be fully

referenced (newspapers are OK) and groups utilizing any web references should upload a copy of the web page along with this paper.

Groups might wish to include a chart with the requirements needed to sit for the Accounting certification and how long one must work to earn an official œcertification in the state of Texas. Also, interviews with any CPA firms or

companies hiring UHD graduates would be helpful as well.

These instructions can also be found on Blackboard.

I have provided an outline to follow when conducting your research. This list is not exhaustive, but represents the minimum amount of information we should include in our research. Each group member needs to compose their

research into a written composition adhering to proper English grammar techniques and correct spelling. You should use one of the MLA methods (in-text citation, direct quote, paraphrase, footnote, etc.) for source citation and

documentation. I strongly suggest you visit the Purdue Owl site listed below to look it up if you are unfamiliar with these procedures.

I. General Description
a. Which Accounting Discipline(s) is this certification applicable to and why?
II. Governing Body & Standard Setting
III. Licensing Agency
IV. Costs
V. Education Requirements
VI. Length of Time to Acquire
VII. Professional Work Experience
VIII. Continuing Education Requirements
IX. International Equivalent (could be several if issue is by country if this is the case pick a few interesting ones worth mentioning & provide a brief description)
X. Interesting Facts, Miscellaneous Information
XI. Formatted list of References in MLA format referred to as Works Cited
a. Purdue Owl:
b. EasyBib Website:
c. Citation Machine:
d. Microsoft Word: References Tab, Citations & Bibliography