Research Evaluation

For this Assignment, you are to critically evaluate the quality of a single subject research study

using the information provided in your reading for this week. Select a single subject research

study from the Kaplan Library on a topic of interest to you. Be sure it is not the same study that

you used in any of the Discussions in this class, and be sure it was published in the past 10

years. First, briefly summarize the study for the class (subjects, method, results, conclusions,

etc.). Then, using the Horner et al. (2005) article, provide a detailed discussion of whether or

not the study meets each element of all seven criteria given for a quality single subject

research study. Use Table 1 on p. 174 of the Horner et al. (2005) article to organize your paper.

Discuss one element at a time: there are seven major headings and 21 bullet points in Table 1,

so your paper should have seven section headings, with each section containing the same

number of paragraphs as there are bullet points for that section in Table 1.

In your paper, be sure to provide a clear determination of the following:

1. The full-text citation to your article

2. A discussion of all the criteria of a quality single subject study that were described in the

article from your reading this week and whether or not your study meets these criteria.

3. Provide a clear rationale as to why the study meets quality standards for each of the

criteria listed above, with sufficient references and citations to the text to support your