Referral Assessment One Visual and textual analysis

This assessment is weighted at 30% of your final unit grade

The work presented must be the student’s own

Use references and citations. Do NOT copy work from another source without quote the author(s)

Plagiarism is an academic offence

Assessment Brief

Choose one piece of content (image)

Write an analysis utilising the methods and theoretical vocabulary of visual and text analysis

Your paper should be structured and analysed in the style, and of the quality, of a Master’s degree submission, with appropriate titles, TOC, analysis structure, research, language, page numbers, references, etc.



Your work should be 1500 words, +/- 150words (10%). Titles, TOC, references, and appendix are excluded from your word count. Please include the actual advertisements or photos in an appendix

STYLE “ Font size: 12; line spacing: 1.5

Assessment Criteria

Evidence of an understanding of the basic principles of visual and textual analysis

Evidence of independent research and analysis of theories & counter-theories

Application of visual and textual analytic methodology

Correct and appropriate use of academic conventions, including presentation, citations & referencing style, appropriate English

Submission Instructions

Upload the file to Turnitin

Submit a hard copy (with a signed coversheet) to the LR Assignment window on the Ground Floor