Race representation and Media Production

For this second paper you will consult academic and non-academic sources about the production of your chosen media object and write up the results.

In order to successfully complete this assignment you must integrate research you collected according to the requirements listed below to make an

argument about racial representations in the media.

Choose a recent (from the past two years) media text (for example, a television show, a song or album, a film, a videoblog, a video game, etc.)
Conduct research on the production of the text. Find the following material to include in your paper:
One (1) academic source (not including the articles you will use from the Gender, Race, and Class in the Media textbook)
Two (2) non-academic sources (these may include online magazine articles, trade publications, documentaries, interviews, etc. “ Do not use Wikipedia

or IMDb as a source. Reviews are usually poor sources, too, since they focus on the content of the media rather than the production.)

Write a 3-5 page (900-1,500 words) paper analyzing the data you collected. This paper should include the following:
An explanation of why you chose this media and why it is a useful object to analyze in terms of race.
A description of the aspects of production (this can be a description of the financing, how it was written or directed, how it was promoted, or other

elements of the production “ if you are unsure of what counts as production ask me in advance) of the media object.
A discussion of how the production of the media impacted the representation of race.
This should not focus on the content or storyline of your media
The paper must include citations from the sources listed in #2 above

Your paper should incorporate citations from at least two of the articles you read from class (These do not count as one of the required sources

listed in #2 above). These two citations from class readings should not repeat the citations from paper #1.


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