Quantitate anti-D levels in plasma using flow cytometry and haemagglutination

please follow the steps and summarize as possible. not more than 3 lines in each._x000D_
1-why used R2R2 red cells for quantitate anti-D by flow cytometry._x000D_
2-how PBS work as removed antibody ( mechanism) for quantitate anti-D?_x000D_
3- differentiate between whole molecules IgG antibody and Fab IgG antibody and affect them on flow cytometry technique._x000D_
4- as we know Fab IgG antibody should be store at 4 degrees on the fridge . what effect room temperature on mechanism of Fab IgG ?_x000D_
5- effect room temperature and incubation 37 degrees on methods anti-D using flow cytometry._x000D_
6- talk about kleihaure-betke acid elution technique. Please add figure._x000D_
7-talk about population differences Rh D positive, Rh D negative, immunogenicity of D antigen, HTR against HDFN and kleihaure-betke. Please use diagram to explain mechanism of HDFN._x000D_
8- principle of flow cytometry BD FACS canto II._x000D_