Quality Control and Process Management Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Controlling and improving quality has become an important business strategy for many organisations.Quality is a competitive advantage.
A business that can delight customers by improving and controlling can dominate its competitors, cut absenteeism, increase profit, become more efficient and finally, improve the business profile with customers, clients, insurers, etc.

Based on the subject of “Quality Control and Process Management” please apply the follow instructions for this work:

1) Make it simple and easy to follow.

2) Use simple english language.

3) Carry out good research into quality and reliability and discuss approaches such as ISO accreditation, TQM and Lean Management.

4) Outline the use of tools, techniques and methodologies associated with the above philosophies (ISO, TQM, Six Sigma & Lean Management).

5) Support this subject with appropriate academic level research and direct quotes with your explanation.

6) Define each reference like what type? book , article, journal or web? and use HARVARD reference only.

7) I need 3 book references, 2 journal and 1 web. in Quality Control and Improvement & Operation Management.

8) Below Books must be involved on the research
a- Statistical quality control
b- Fundamentals of quality control and improvement
c- Operations Management
d- Six Sigma

10) Avoid using I, we, me, us etc.

11) I need a strong personal opinion and explanation.

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