Public Sector

Paper 1: Case Study Analysis [Week 4] “ Public Sector Management “ is intended to assess your ability to apply critical thinking skills as a public sector manager working in a global environment and to apply critical thinking and analytic skills to global trade situations. In this course, you will complete the authentic assessment in two parts.

Case Study:  The Case Study analysis focuses on Modules 1“3 of the course and asks you to write a 5-7 page paper comparing and contrasting the management of an important public sector issue in your home country to that of the same public issue in another country of your choosing.

Research and Analysis of Public Sector Issue and its Management

This case study requires a 5-7-page paper, which does not include cover page, table of contents or bibliography and footnote pages. You will research and compare and contrast how an important public sector issue is managed in two countries, of your choosing. You must compare and contrast each countries handling of the issue you picked and then offer your own solution to the problem. For example, you could compare and contrast the management of health programs to combat the H1N1 virus in the United States and China or how the sparsity of food is handled in Bangladesh and India etc.

Select a public sector issue of personal interest, chose two countries in which you will compare and contrast each countries handling of the issue and then offer up your own reasoned recommendation on how you feel the issue should be handled by both countries. Keep in mind, merely agreeing with how one country handles the issue is not sufficient. Your opinion on how your feel each country should handle the issue is very important part of the case study as it shows me additional research beyond how the countries are handling the issue and your analysis to back up your recommendation. Think of paper as an outsider going into each country and making educated recommendations on how they can improve their handling of the issue.


It is expected that the sources for this paper will include scholarly research, official reports from governments, IGOs and NGOs, and credible news sources, which are limited to major newspapers such as The Washington PostThe New York Times, and The Times (London), and to newsweeklies such as TIME and The Economist.

It is expected that the paper will conform to accepted standards of formatting and documentation, including proper citations and references as found in the Manual of Style for Writers by Kate L. Turabian or an equivalent manual of style, such as the MLA or APA guide or UMUC’s Guide to Writing and Research.

The final product must and penalties for deviating from this guidance

  • The final product must: (Instructor may reformat paper to conform with the below requirements).

be typed, only double spaced [even between paragraphs], 12-point Times New Roman with margins no wider than one inch. -1 pt

 be paginated and no other headers or footers. -1 pt

should be prepared in a word processing software (submit paper in only Microsoft Word or Rich text format only.) Projects may not be submitted in pdf, docm, or .abw  -1 pt

contain a cover page with you name, the course and title of your project -1 pt

Footnotes of facts are mandatory. Only author name and page number in body of paper for example (Smith, pg 44). Full footnotes will be at end of paper not at the end of each page. -2 pts

o Pictures, Graphs and lists will not be included in the body of the paper. If you need these to support your facts, then they will be placed at end of paper as an addendum, referenced in body of paper, and will not count for your paper length. -1 pt

Bibliography is mandatory and will include all sources used, which should include, for each entry, the author, title, city and state of publisher, publisher’s name, year, and page number. You may NOT cite Wikipedia or any Wiki¦ as a source in the papers. -2 pts

Paper is to be in narrative format and not outline or bullet format. Paper will be reformatted if submitted in outline format. -1 pt

Paper will be reformatted if not in compliance with formatting rules discussed above to determine true length of paper. 


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