Psychology and Education

  1. During a free play activity period, typically mid morning observe a child around 4-5 years of age. The goal of this activity is to observe children at play in a social situation. I suggest you plan to observe for about 30 min.
  2. Observe children at play and focus on their behaviors with little regard to other activities in the class room environment. Stay focused exclusively on the play activity as much as possible. You need to write a detailed description of what you see during the play activity.



Paper Write up

  1. Introduction
  2. Include where you completed the observation (make it up), length of the observation (1 hour), number, age, gender of the children involved.
  3. ¦


  4. Include any other details that may be relevant to the description of the play episode you describe.
  5. Describe the activity you observed in detail and give a rational for selecting this episode as œplay. Make sure to give adequate detail in this section for me to understand how you categorize/discuss the play bellow.
  6. Discuss the play event/episode you witnessed in relation to the following:
  7. Discuss  the play episode in relation to Piaget`s view of play
  8. Discuss the play episode in relation to Parten`s view of play
  9. Discuss how the play episode relates to your understanding of œThe role of play in development according to Vygotsky.( MAKE SURE ITS CHAPTER 7 ˜’THE ROLE OF PLAY IN DEVELOPMENT” Mind in society is the name of book. its suppose to be page 92 to 119) I really need this part to be well developed!!!!!!!!
  10. Reflection:
  11. Write a brief summary of your experience
  12. Include any insights that you have gained regarding child development and the value of play during this observation.
  13. Proof read your paper for spelling and grammar.