Program Evaluation

Activities that support a counselor€™s role include program development, program evaluation, and needs assessments. A planned, systematic evaluation of a counseling program needs to be conducted on an ongoing basis to determine the relevance and effectiveness of the program. The plan should include an evaluation of client competencies established in the counseling program, how data will be collected and the rationale for the chosen data collection, a calendar of timely assessments, and written procedures and documentation for assessing client satisfaction._x000D_
Existing data can help you understand the context in which to build your program, help you relate the counseling program goals to the overall objectives of the client, and help you decide which new data to collect. In this Application Assignment, you utilize the template provided and the strategies you examined this week to develop a program evaluation._x000D_
The Assignment (5€“6 pages):_x000D_
Clarify the purpose of the program evaluation._x000D_
Identify the population of interest and stakeholders._x000D_
Draft two (2) goals for your program evaluation and for each goal provide rationale supported with at least three (3) data points._x000D_
Determine how data will be collected and the rationale for the chosen data collection._x000D_
Design an instrument or critically evaluate and adopt an existing instrument._x000D_
Propose how the data will be analyzed._x000D_
Describe how the results will be disseminated._x000D_
Describe ethical and culturally relevant strategies for interpreting and reporting the results of research and/or program evaluation studies._x000D_
Describe how current methods of using data inform decision making and accountability (e.g., school improvement plan, agency goals, or community strategic plan)._x000D_
Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are required to provide a reference list and to appropriately cite, in APA style, all references used within your assignment._x000D_
Submit your Assignment by Day 7._x000D_
To submit your Assignment, do the following:_x000D_
Save your Assignment as a €œ.doc€ file with the filename €œWK8Assgn1+last name+first initial.doc.€ For example, Sally Ride€™s filename would be €œWK8Assgn1RideS.doc.€_x000D_
To upload your Assignment, click on Assignments on the course navigation menu, and then click the €œAssignment 1 Turnitin €“ Week 8€ link._x000D_
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