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Read Chapter 16, “Strategically Managing the HRM Function,” in the Human Resource Management textbook.
Review the SHRM Foundation Effective Practice Guidelines titled Leading Effective Change: A Primer for the HR Professional. The report is located in the Doc Sharing file folder in Pearson Learning Studio.
Review your prior Dropbox assignments for WS2-WS5, particularly heeding the research obtained for each of the prescriptive change models.
Summarizing the Scenario. Identify a company—either a publicly-traded company whose recent newsworthy stories have gained your attention or your own organization —that is in need of advice for how their HR professionals might lead effective change to address a problematic issue, challenge or a major opportunity. Do not use the same company that was reported on in the 5.4 Dropbox assignment. Summarize the scenario based on available information. NOTE: If using your own company, be sure that you have access to key relevant data to provide a clear and concise scenario summary. If you do not have access to relevant information, it would be best to use a widely-publicized problematic issue, challenge or major opportunity for a publicly-traded company.
Selecting a Prescriptive Change Model. Select one of the prescriptive change models that you think would be the best fit for leading effective change of the problematic or opportunistic scenario you have identified. Explain why the model was selected.
Application of Effective Change Principles and Processes. Apply selective change principles and processes to lead effective change when relying on various concepts detailed in the SHRM Foundation Effective Practice Guidelines titled Leading Effective Change: A Primer for the HR Professional. Be sure to address each of the following phases in detail:
Phase 1. Designing Change.
Barriers to Designing Change.
Techniques for Designing Change.
Guidelines for Designing Change.
Phase 2. Enacting Change.
Barriers to Enacting Change.
Techniques for Enacting Change.
Guidelines for Enacting Change.
Phase 3. Sustaining Change.
Barriers to Sustaining Change.
Sustaining Change Techniques.
Guidelines Sustaining Change.

NOTE: Write the report as a professional proposal (aka business case) for your recommended change initiative rather than a report “about change” concepts.

You are encouraged to include tables or charts as appropriate. If including one or more tables and/or charts, place it in the appendix if the size is larger than one-third of a page.
Answers to the assignment questions are to show evidence of critical thinking and be substantive, to include theory and application as appropriate from an HR professional perspective. See the grading rubric for assignment expectations and scoring.
The required sources to include at a minimum:
The course textbook,
the SHRM Foundation report used for all Dropbox assignments,
two academic journal articles that are at least 3-5 pages in length
one news report (if using a publicly-traded company) from the Wall Street Journal or other credible news source that supports your scenario, or a personal communication from an interviewee if using a scenario from your current company, and
one reputable website resource for the identified change model (no blogs or Wikipedia, etc.).
For the submission of this Dropbox written assignment, compile a single document with inclusion of a title page and reference page. Include a single introduction paragraph and a single conclusion paragraph.
Use the above bolded statements as your headings for the corresponding sections in your paper. One detailed paragraph (at least 3-5 sentences) is required for each of the areas listed in item 6, in addition to an overall introduction and conclusion.

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