Prepare a portfolio of analytical reference materials including the financial reports for at least five years from 2009 till 2013

Note: Please go through the document carefully before writing assignment.


· All the items in bold & red are must

· There are 4 parts & each needs to be done properly

· I NEED EXCEL file with proper audit trail as asked in the assignment. Will not tolerate any low quality work. Excel should show clearly all the calculations & all the assumptions. For your help, I’ll upload excel file, use that file & input values of the chosen company. DO NOT USE the same data in excel. If necessary input the formulas if you don’t find it for some cell values.



· Have a look at the grading criteria to get an idea how it will be graded

· I’ll going to attach Excel file separately which will be useful to find WACC & other values (DO NOT UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE)

· I NEED all the PAST FINANCIAL REPORTS of the chosen company which are used in this assignment. Please upload all the documents.

· Provide draft daily to track the progress due to some past bad experience


Make sure that your final draft is laid out with clear headings, and that any included tables or diagrams are properly positioned within the text. Any large amounts of data to which you have made reference in your assignment may be added as a separate Appendix.



In writing assignment try to avoid extensive use of bullet Points. Complete your referencing and your bibliography. In the main body of the text refer to authors by name and year date such as (Bloggins, 1999). In the bibliography give the full reference as follows:

Bloggins, J.P., (1999), œAccounting Theory for Dummies, Journal of Useless Accounting, Volume V, pages 7 “ 50.

Identify the most important conclusions from your work noting any further areas of study or suggestions for future research which you may do if only your assignment was a full-scale research project! These conclusions and suggestions for future research, when summarized into a paragraph, will form the conclusion for assignment.

Books Reference to be added (MUST) in addition with other books“

Penman, S.H., (2004), Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation, McGraw Hill.

Ryan, Bob, (2004), Finance and Accounting for Business, Thomson Learning.

Ryan: Ryan, Bob, (2006), Corporate Finance and Valuation, Thomson Learning.

Pelepu, Healy and Bernard, (2004), Business Analysis and Valuation, 3rd Edition, Thomson Press.




You are required to choose NIKE INC. You should then do the following:

(i) Prepare a portfolio of analytical reference materials including the financial reports for at least five years from 2009 till 2013. This is your analytical permanent file for the chosen company.

(ii) Make a schedule of your file contents with a brief note explaining the significance of each item

(iii) Undertake a comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of the business using the top -down analytical methodology from book “

Ryan, B., (2004), Finance and Accounting for Business, Chapter 5

(iv) Estimate the firm’s cost of equity capital and its weighted average cost of capital.

Prepare a 2500 word (maximum) report on (iii) and (iv) providing a clear audit trail to your analytical permanent file contents list (ii) which should also be presented in excel. Your report should demonstrate a high level of critical rigour and reflection. Up to 10 per cent of marks will be given for presentation. You are not required to present your permanent file for assessment.