Post Holdings buying Weetabix



There are a variety of business enterprises that aspire to shift their market from the local to international standards in order to increase their level of engagement (DeWit & Meyer, 2010). It is perceived as a source of the outlet to sell their products and services to assorted areas thus increase the profit margin and income as well as acquire a substantial market share in the global market (DeWit & Meyer, 2010). The attainment of such goals is however faced with a myriad of drawbacks involving the implementation of vivacious strategic plans that can be a source of a competitive edge and the potentials of new market penetration (DeWit & Meyer, 2010). The paper shall therefore address the strategic approach that led to the successful acquisition of Weetabix by Post holding and the means of acquiring a competitive edge against competitors (Ramakrishnan (2010); Gupta & Gerchak (2002).  Acquisition can imply to the process of taking over the operations of a business enterprise with the ultimate objective of enhancing the growth of the two business enterprises (Mittal & Jain, 2012) and Ramakrishnan, 2010).