Please respond to the following:

Identifying Objectives

Please respond to the following:

  • When beginning an e-Commerce initiative, explain why small businesses might have different objectives than large businesses  in beginning an online venture.  In doing so, describe those differences by giving an example of a small business’s possible objectives and a large business’s possible objectives when conducting e-commerce.  In other words, if you were a small business owner looking to go online, what might be three objectives you might have in going online, and how might those objectives be different for a much  larger company like Walmart or Sears with whom everyone on the planet already knows about?

  • Picking a business or organization with which you are familiar, create at least three likely objectives for its Website. Then, determine the tools that would be best used to measure these goals.  In other words, what tools would your organization use to determine if those objectives were being met and how would those tools work in making that determination?

Qustion 2


Please respond to the following:

  • Compare the different types of outsourcing, citing advantages and disadvantages of each. Give your opinion on why one is more effective than the others.  One thing we do not want to do here is to get into the politics of the issue, and quite frankly the politicians tend to get it wrong anyway.  Focus on the issue as it pertains to a business in specifically listing and discussing the different types of outsourcing.

  • Identify a company that uses outsourcing specifically for e-Commerce functions and the type of outsourcing that is used. Explain how you came to your conclusion.  You may have to do a Google or Bing type search on this one.  Please do not assume a company outsources, but do try to base your discussion on facts, and please include your sources.  Also, be sure to include what  type of outsourcing your company is using.  If you do not include this information I will be asking you to provide it later in my response to you.
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