personal experience on leadership

Rothwell states, œWhenever the power accorded certain roles establishes unequal power distribution, the potential for abuse is real.

Talk about the roles and leadership within a group you have experienced and how power was used well or abused and talk about your own understanding of how it influenced group process.

I uploaded the chapter this relates to: Can you do it on my own personal experince which I give you a brief description of please which you can reword any way you want because I am a horrible writer.

I was the co-owner and Vice President of a water well drilling company for ten years. It was a small company with a total of ten employees including myself and my husband at the time. In that leadership role I did not abuse my power like one would think. I treated my employees with the utmost respect and treated them as I would want an employer to treat me. We offered paid holidays, vacation and sick days, health insurance, and retirement plans, bonuses, and incentives. We had Christmas parties where we gave them a Christmas bonus and prizes. We gave monetary gifts for birthdays and their children’s birthdays. I became close with my employee who was the Nanny for my children and I would take her out to dinner often, got her a makeover once and thought of her as my friend. When I had to let her go because of the failing economy I paid for her schooling so she didn’t have to worry about finding a new job without any training. Now, I’m not telling this because I am boasting, I really wanted to emulate how I would love a boss to be to me. I remember thinking of the story about Jesus when he washed the disciples feet and thought to myself, that’s how I want to be to my employees.


Writing to Learn

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