parental substance misuses and attachment with children

parental substance misuses and attachment with children

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The research is on6-10 journals researched in regards to parental substance misuse and child attachment consequences. This is a uk study based literature review and should relate to social work practice for social workers working with children.

The review needs to be on œparental substance misuses and attachment with children.

I have listed the criteria below.

Specialist Pathway Research Project
Literature Review Guidance and Marking Criteria

The review has a word limit of 3600, excluding the abstract and Reference List but including tables (if used; tables are not a requirement), in-text citations and quotations.
The abstract should be of approximately 300 words and is not included in the word limit for the review.

The structure of the body of the review is likely to vary according to the subject matter and approach taken, but the literature review must include the following elements:
An abstract of approximately 300 words (not included in the word count)
An introduction
A methodology section
An overview of the literature to be reviewed
A synthesis of the literature, including critical analysis
A consideration of the relevance of the literature to social work practice


A conclusion
A Reference List (not included in the word count)

Marking Criteria
The literature review will be marked against the following criteria:

Clear explanation and justification of search methods and inclusion criteria

Use of a wide range of relevant resources
Critical analysis of the research literature and relevant research resources
Critical analysis of the application of reviewed literature to social work practice
The presentation and structure of the review
Adherence to the programme’s standards of written English and referencing

The methodology should only be around 300 contain how I researched to gather information.
An idea is listed below.

1. Introduction

1.2. The literature review aims to support the quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection, by providing details from the published and grey literature on:
the nature and extent of employer engagement in professional social work education
innovative ways of securing active and effective employer involvement across the statutory, independent and not for profit sector in social work

2. Methods

2.1. A systematic approach to searching was adopted, but in the timeframe set out in the project proposal, it was not possible to conduct a full systematic review. Published literature was identified from 2000 onwards by comprehensive searches of five databases covering sociology, social care, social work and social policy (appendix two). A range of keywords were developed in consultation with the project team and translated into the free text and subject headings available in the respective databases. These are listed, together with a sample search strategy in appendix four. Searches for grey literature were undertaken on a range of sources listed in appendix three and four. All references were stored in Endnote reference management software to maintain an audit trail of publications as they passed through each stage of the literature review.


2.2. The titles and abstracts of all records obtained in both the published and grey literature searches were scanned, by one member of a team of three, to determine their relevance to the literature review. If publications appeared to meet the inclusion criteria set out below, full text of the publication was obtained. A number of documents were not available via interlibrary loan within the timeframe of the project and were therefore excluded. Full text documents were scanned by one member of a team of three; those meeting the inclusion criteria were included in the literature review below. Data from those publications relevant to the review was extracted (by one member of a team of three) and is presented in narrative form below and in a summary in Appendix three.

Inclusion Criteria
Papers must meet at least one of the following:
Describes the nature of employer engagement in social work education
Describes the extent of employer engagement in social work education
Describes a model of employer engagement
Evaluates a model of employer engagement
Describes/evaluates interprofessional working but has an employer focus
In addition papers must meet all of the following:
Written in English
Published 2000 onwards
Take place in one of the following countries “ UK, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Scandinavia
Pre or Post Diploma, DipSW, M Level, Soc Work Degree, joint programme

3. Results

3.1. A total of 759 published references were retrieved via the electronic database searches and ninety-seven of these were categorised as relevant following screening of titles and abstracts and full text obtained. On further reading seventeen published articles were categorised as relevant to the literature review and are described below.

3.2. The grey literature search located thirty-one references, thirteen of these were categorised as relevant and included in the grey literature section below.

Search for Published Literature

Database. Years. Software interface

Applied Social Sciences Index (ASSIA) 2000+ CSA

Social Care Online. 2000+ SCIE website

Social Services Abstracts. 2000+ CSA

Social Work Abstracts. 2000+ CSA

Web of Knowledge. 2000+ ISI


Google Scholar
General Social Care Council
Department of Health
DCSF (Department for Children Schools and Families)
CWDC (Children’s Workforce Development Council)
Skills for Care
Social Care Workforce Unit (KCL)
Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education
British Library Social Policy Information Service
Social Policy and Social Work Learning and Teaching Support Network

Appendix 3: Search terms for published and grey literature searches

The aim is to identify keywords to represent 3 concepts “ social work, employer engagement and education. These concepts will then be combined together to limit/focus the material obtained.

NB: * indicates that any word beginning with this stem will be searched e.g. social work* will also search for social worker, social workers, social working etc

Social work
social work*
social care

Basic searches try “
SOLAR Articles & more
Google Scholar (
For more in depth searching use “
Academic databases including:
Science Direct
Social Policy and Practice
Academic Search Premier / CINAHL

Web sources include:
Social Care Institute for Excellence (
Department of Health (
Evidence Search (