Organizational change: A case study of Nokia

Organizational change: a case study of Nokia


Type of service:
– Dissertation Chapter – Literature

Double spacing

Paper format:

Number of pages:
7 pages

Number of sources:
25 sources

Paper details:

only the Literature Review part

Organizational change: a case study of Nokia


You must focus on the changes that Nokia has been undergone

What other author said about this organisation changes


Literature Review (about 2000 words) 

A three-fold process:

– Stand under the author (interpretation/what?)

– Stand over the author (analysis & evaluation (critical thinking)/why?)

– Stand in for the author (reproduction)

– Chronologically or Thematically structured

– Basis of your Analysis/Discussion

– Referencing systematic, relevant and accurate



Compulsory questions in the project.

  1. What were the reasons that led to organisational change and what was the purpose of change?
  2. Who were the involved stakeholders and what role did each of them play in the process of change?
  3. Describe, using relevant theory and/or framework, the process of change that occurred in the organization you’ve chosen.
  4. Describe how the changing organisational context has influenced the changes that have been undertaken.
  5. How would you evaluate the outcome of change?