Observing Reunion Behaviors

Observing the Development of Autonomy
Observe two toddlers between the ages of 18 months and 2 years in a home or child care center. Describe behaviors that show each child is striving for autonomy, as Erikson described. Write a 500 word (2 page) report in which you contrast the autonomous behaviors of the two children, guided by the following questions:
? In the first paragraph, describe your setting and the ages of the children observed.
? Define autonomy as used by Erikson and describe this stage of development.
? What behaviors did you observe that showed that both toddlers were struggling for autonomy?
? Were there differences in how strongly the two asserted their independence? If so, to what do you attribute these differences?
? How did adults in the environment react to expressions of autonomy? Did their reactions to the two children differ? To what do you attribute these differences?
? The final paragraph should be a reflection on what you have learned from this assignment.
Directions: In this assignment you will conduct your own research on Erik Erikson?s stages of development. Your essay should have a minimum of six paragraphs with each of the bullet points addressed in a separate paragraph. Double space your report using 12 font Times New Roman.