Nutrition Analysis

This is based on a 3 day nutrition food analysis. The uploaded materials are the reports that have already been provided to you. Analyze the report and answer the answers below.

1. Write a paper that answers the following 4 questions (a-d) in essay format using these headings:

a. Factors Affecting What I Eat

i. What factors affect the foods you eat (i.e. convenience, cost, religion, etc…)? Were these factors surprising to you, i.e. were you aware that these factors impact your food choices? Make sure to discuss the factors you reported in your Food Record.

b. My Diet vs. SuperTracker’s Targets/Allowances

Look at your answers in the Food Groups and Calories Report and the Nutrients Report. How did your average intake for the 3 days compare to the recommendations? Were you surprised at how your average actual consumption compared to the recommended amounts of foods you should eat from each food group? Why or why not?

c. My Consumption of Calories

Was your calorie intake within 5% of your calorie allowance? If not, explain if you think this is a concern and why or why not. If you think it is a concern, discuss some strategies on how you could come closer to your estimated caloric allowance. For example, do you have excessive amounts of “empty calories?†Discuss a realistic strategy to improve your behavior.

d. My Fiber Consumption

Do you think you have enough fiber in your diet (look at intake of whole grains, whole fruits, whole vegetables, beans/legumes)? What high fiber foods do you eat? If you do not consume enough fiber, are there any higher fiber foods you could add/substitute in your diet that you would be willing to eat? Please explain your answers.

e. Include a short Introduction and Conclusion

2. Be careful when answering the questions above. Incorrect answers or vague answers will receive deductions.