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Studying music helps with memory recall. We intend to have two groups, one with music playing and one without. Each will be shown the same list of 20 random words, for 60 seconds. Then there will be a short break. After the break, we will ask them to recall as many of the words as possible. We hypothesize that the group with music during the study session and recall session will perform higher.

Literature Review ONLY
1. Here you should start broad. Why does this subject matter? Explain to the audience what they need to understand about the definition of the main construct, the tenants of the main theories, and major findings in the area. Educate the reader so that you hypothesis flows and follows good logic. Should
2. Here you should spend a few paragraphs defining your IV and DV and providing information about the major theories that guide your study.
3. Next, narrow in on findings from past research that are similar to what you are investigating or that support your investigation. You will be citing almost every sentence throughout the literature review. This may feel unnatural; but, it is necessary.
4. The final part of your lit review will be a statement of the purpose of the study, the hypothesis, and the planned analysis. You can review past research to see how this should be set up as the format can vary from study to study


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