Mr. Jones(1992)

Case Study Project Using Movies

MOVIE: Mr. JONES (1993)

In your paper, you should give a brief description of the character. Then you should answer the following:

1) Identify what you believe to be the character’s psychiatric diagnosis

o You should back up your diagnosis with relevant symptoms displayed by the character (explain why you made the diagnosis that you did). Refer to the movie to illustrate the symptoms that that character demonstrates

o Discuss all possible symptoms of the disorder; does the client show all of these symptoms or only some of these symptoms?

o Include DSM-IV-TR Axis 1-4 information for the character

2) Summarize possible etiologies of the disorder

o Is it likely to be genetic? Is it likely to be caused by stress or by exposure to environmental stressors

o What origins are clear from the movie and what origins would speculate given what you know of the disorder?

3) Discuss the expected prognosis for the disorder

o What prognosis to you see in the movie

o What prognosis is reasonable based on your textbook or research on the disorder? The movie might not be realistic; be sure that you describe a realistic prognosis, as well as the movie’s outcome.

4)Review the chapter in your textbook and do some research regarding therapies and treatment utilized for a client with this psychiatric disorder and discuss the following;

o The various types of psychopharmacological agents that might be administered to a client with this diagnosis

o Any other treatments that might be effective such as individual/group therapy, ECT, including any complementary/alternative treatments and other psychosocial therapies.

5) Discuss any ethical issues that arose in the film. Were there any nursing /healthcare provider actions that you might have handled differently? Some movies portray psychiatric treatments and those who care for psychiatric clients (nurses, psychiatrists, etc) in a very negative way. Could watching this film negatively impact clients’ decision making regarding their own treatment plan?