Misconceptions about psychology

Misconceptions about psychology

A) Martin et al (1997) demonstrated that psychology majors have the fewest misconceptions about psychology among sociology, English and engineering majors. In light of this, what is a reasonable research hypothesis (H) for our study? Be sure your hypothesis mentions the direction of the effect. What is the null hypothesis (H0) for our study? (only needs to be a few sentences)

b) Was the research hypothesis supported? Discuss in terms of what was demonstrated by the inferential test and the observed effect size (use plain words, do not re-state statistics). (only needs to be a few sentences)

c) Look back at the composition of the two classes. Can you identify another factor that more or less systematically varies with the IV and provides another explanation for the data?

How could we control for the factor identified in question c? (only needs to be a few sentences)

McCutcheon (1991) criticizes the type of test/questionnaire we employed. Discuss two flaws the author cites and their suggested solution.

Describe the two groups’ data and include a table of the means and standard

deviations for each group, label it and refer to it in the text. You should provide one

graphical representation of the two groups’ data (using frequency polygons or box-&-

whiskers plots) in the appendix, and provide a statement as to whether or not the

assumptions for the statistical tests you are reporting have been met (you should be able

to use your graphical representation as evidence in making this argument).