Memo 3 (Human Resource)

Memo 3 (Human Resource)

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Read chapter 1 and write a Memo
Memo“ Mega Manufacturing For this assignment, as an HR Consultant, you’ll be assisting an established injection molding company, Mega Manufacturing. This company is

expanding significantly as a result of winning a new government contract. Because of the company’s growth, the CEO plans to add a dedicated HR person to his management

team, and he wants you to help build an HR department. As he tells you about his beliefs and vision of the company, 1) You consider the organizational life cycle

model, According to the textbook (page 7), the organizational life cycle has 4 stages, which is Entrepreneurial, Communal, Formalization and Elaboration, so which

stage do you recommend? 2) According to the textbook(page 13), there are 6 core HR Functions, which is Strategic Management, Workforce Planning and Employment, Human

Resource Development, Total Rewards, Employee and Labor Relations and Risk Management, so which one is MOST important and why? 3) According to the textbook(page 19),

there are 4 critical HR roles, which is Functional Expert, Employee Advocate, Strategic Partner and Human Capital Developer, so which one is MOST important and why?

(This memo should be one page, single-spaced). Grading Criteria: 1) 25% Content-use of material from Chapter 1 (page1-34 of the textbook) 2) 75% Writing-use of correct

memo format, structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation