medication guide for patients Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Dear writer i would like you to make medication guide for patients . This medication guide has to be written in lay language meaning that so
patient can read it, it has to be written based on 6th grade level . Basically you will have to write about medication what it is used for , what
side affects , what condition it treats , with what it interacts , how to take it , what life style modifications that patient should do while on this
medication . The medication that i want you to use is Furosemide ( Lasix) it is water pill . The sources that i want you to use is only
professional such as micromedex, clinical pharmacology , or Lexicomp , or also you can you can use package insert as well . I will provide
example of that paper but please dont copy it you can see it and at least understand how to do it , but dont copy and dont make exactly same
format . Thank you